Reflective Overview

I know if we made a video it was suppose to only be 5mins, but I added an extra ten! I ended up having a lot to say about my feelings towards the class and what I learned from it. I am by nature a person who has a lot to say and likes being vocal, but there are times where I felt I’ve been ashamed of that or just have been silent because of fear of whatever. This class pushed me away from that. There is enough being done to silence certain people due to various factors, so I do not help myself or those people by following along. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a writer, and with that I knew that meant being a voice as well. It was almost as if it were destined. It has been a shaky road reaching the age of 22 and I may have lost sight of what I believed was destined for me, but this class helped me to get back to that. So maybe like philosophers and thinkers before me, I see the conceptual aspects of rhetoric and writing and want to use it to make a difference. Enjoy the video!

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