The Grand Finale

First and foremost, this class was an experience. A great experience that I wish I was able to enjoy a lot more. I fought myself to sit and get what I had to say out. I was nervous that it would not be received well. But it definitely helped in the recovery from myself. I’ve learned so much more about some of the issues that tend to hold me back. I’ve been a lot more vocal in my opinions. My voice has become a lot stronger. I’ve gained confidence in my talent and it pushed me to continue going after my goals. The aspect of doing things yourself helped with all of these realizations. Writing is definitely a process. It’s great and necessary to journal. But after you get those pending thoughts out, go back and edit and revise.Yes you become a better editor (I was terrible and might still be at editing online work), but you learn a lot about yourself and who you were at that time. I know where to elaborate, where to cut things out, when to continue writing, and when to take a break.

Not including this post, I have a total of 47 posts. Some are reflective pieces for the times when I was really sad. Some are just poems and stories to help me get back in the habit of writing again. All were therapeutic in helping me get myself together when I had no motivation to continue on. I like writing about life and the process of growing (or not growing) into who you want to be. The struggles that we all face make for beautiful stories. I had no specific place where I wrote. It was more so finding a time where something really provoking came to mind. Which means that a lot were written during nights like these when my thoughts kept me up. I didn’t really use multimedia for any posts. For the pictures that I did use, they were either taken by me or I would Google a word that I felt reflected the theme of whatever I wrote. There is no post that I think is average or bad. They all were from the heart, and I have this belief that anything that really comes purely from the heart could never be bad. I have four favorite posts in total; You’re Doing Fine In Love, Despair, and Hope, Words SummonedDepression is a Black Issue… & other Mental Issues Pt.1, and Untitled.  In these posts, I see the woman I want to become. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I’m also not sure if I can explain it. I think I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to write many of my posts, but with these, it was probably the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. And from that, I came up with really great shit. My domain name was mymosthumbleopinion. I think it explains my personality a lot, for the fact that I always have a lot to say. When something matters to me, you can not get me to shut up about it.

As far as my twitter presence, it was really good in the beginning, but then it got a little rocky. In total, I have 78 tweets, with probably a few more being added when we have class tomorrow. My favorite tweets are the ones where I found DIY culture being discussed in mainstream culture (I copied the link for embedding the tweet, but it wouldn’t show up on the post). It kind of contradicts the idea of DIY being counterculture. Most of my tweets seemed thin, but I feel as though carried a lot of meaning depending on how you perceived it. To inspire someone or to simply say a thought, a lot of words aren’t needed. I also have a big issue with the 140 character limit, so I couldn’t write the novels I like to write in text messages.


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