This was one of the most awesome days of my life. To be honest, this was a great ending to my Coachella weekend prior. I was dreading coming back to ‘Cuse so much. The zinefest was amaaaaaaaaazing. From the amount of people who came out to the really cool zines that everyone made to the cupcakes, I really enjoyed participating. The morning of, I was completely frightened about showcasing my zines. Every step I took closer to the door, I thought every negative thought there is to think about your own work. My anxiety kicked in really bad.

But as the event started to pick up, it wasn’t so bad. Having the first person visit my table would’ve been enough to really make my day. But whether because I was one of the first zines when you entered the room or because people genuinely were interested in my zines, having people gaze through them and ask questions was so rewarding. I thought no one would like it or think it was cool, but people really seemed to enjoy it. The most rewarding part was that people were actually taking copies to keep. Who knows if they look at it after taking one or if they don’t just toss it right out? All I know is that for a moment, they thought it was important enough to take off the table.

I never promoted my own zine prior to the event, but after I decided to show how proud of it I was. And there were people who actually wanted to get copies. It’s to the point where now I have to get a few more printed. That was crazy to me! All the fears I had of my friends not being interested or impressed were¬†completely wrong. This gave me the confidence I needed to actually show my work instead of making it for my eyes only.

Some of my favorite zines were Katy’s, McMillen’s, the one about the waitressing horror stories, and the zines of text messages relating to Syracuse life. They ranged from entertaining to hilarious to very true and enlightening. Throughout the whole class, everyone did an amazing job in the amount of creativity and work they put in. Some people had really cool handmade covers, others had creative binding methods. I was really in awe.

After knowing that people really wanted to get a copy of my zines, I’m most definitely interested in entering them into the London zinefest that I found out about, granted I get a chance to go to London. I also want to promote them into the DIY world. I think the zines are amazing and tell a very cool story. They also look very good! Not in the very D-I-Y fashion since its just a photo print, but I tried to make it look a little more homemade by writing on it.


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