One Word That Describes You

One of my best friends at this school told me about his Sunday. He sat in on a group of friends that hold bonding activities frequently. To me and him, that’s something very unusual. Specifically for me, I don’t have a group of friends that belongs to the same clique or grouping. I just randomly pick and choose people from all over that seem to be cool as shit and not obligated to belong to any one thing. Because of this, I don’t really know what it’s like to have a day dedicated to doing routine things with a group of people. It seems like the thing to do here at ‘Cuse, but I never had that experience, even with this friend that I am discussing. Quite frankly, it’s not enough of us.

Moving on, while sitting in on this weekly friend gathering, they started to play a game where they used one word to describe every individual. So today, I asked my friend to do the same, seeing that I was so amazed that people still congregated in small friend groups and talked about something of meaning. So here is what he said, “Eclectic because you like so many different things. You’re personality, style, taste in music, etc. is like compilation of so many different things. You always try new things.”

I have never heard someone describe me in such a perfect way. Every time I try this game with myself, I can’t come up with just one word that explains my wide range of interest and love in just about everything there is under the sun. I hope I come off that way to a lot of people, rather than annoying or crazy (inserts an “lol” right here).

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