For my 21st summer, these are the only things that matter:

1) Land the same internship from the winter.

2) Land a second internship.

3) Transfer to the Lord & Taylor on 5th ave.

4) If not, score a well-paying, not too demanding part time job.

5) License.

6) Possible first car.

7) Figure my grad school/after graduation plans.

8) Do some awesome and epic shit.

9) Meet some awesome and epic people.

If you have not made this list for summer 2015, then I guarantee that you are not of importance. Of course, I have to add the drink water, eat healthy, and exercise that I add to every single list I make, but I know I’ll never get to it.

I feel as though this is my make or break summer. After I graduate, it’s going to be work and hustle trying to fall into my career. This summer could put me at ease and help the process. This summer is also one to make extremely memorable. What if I don’t have fun for a while? I want to know that I actually utilized the time instead of wasting it.

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