Coachella Remnants

Of course I’m still thinking of the greatest thing to hit music since Woodstock. But I have to take the time out to talk about what I think was the greatest performance of the entire concert. Florence and the Machine. I am absolutely fascinated with Ms. Welch. Her lyrics are these vivid, deep, and dark poems that always bring new things to light. Dog Days Are Over and What the Water Gave Me are songs that help me through the most down times in my life. Between her and Lykke Li, I’m not sure who I love more. So I thank the Coachella Gods for allowing to see them both, but I thank them the most for allowing Ms. Welch to put on a very enchanting and mesmerizing performance.

From the beginning to the end, the band did not stop delivering. Florence dressed in all white, dancing all over the stage and through out the crowds, the live trumpets, the harp. Everything reminded you of the soul of a really good black choir in a very black southern church. Although most people in the crowd were waiting for Drake so they didn’t really appreciate the songs, I for an hour felt like the heavens were singing directly to me. And yes, I was completely sober. Unless you like to be cliche and would like to say that I was, “high on music”.


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