I finally got my third zine today in the mail. The one I ordered from the UK never came in the mail and I’m not certain as to why. I would be more upset, but I only spent $2 on it. Anyways, for the most part, I am happy with the zines I ordered.

My favorite zine that I ordered is Cooking With Mama. The zine was made from an African American woman from Oakland. Her family is from the deep south and her grandma and great grand mother were slaves. The recipes shared in her zine were all family recipes that each woman in the family learned as a child. Under each recipe, she also served some family history about where the recipe came from. Most of the stories revealed how most authentic soul food is actually slave food. Oxtail, pig feet, etc, are all things given to slaves as leftovers and remains. However, these meals mean so much to African-Americans. Although my parents are from the Caribbean, the story of food is similar. The zine to me also proved how important food is to family history and how we should preserve recipes. I know there are certain Haitian dishes that if I don’t learn now, will forever be lost. At least in the sense of it being a family recipe. I could look up someone else online. The zine itself wasn’t made so intricately. For example, the photo quality was rather bad. However, you could tell that the concept behind it had a lot of love and meaning.

My second favorite zine would be the one I received from Printed Matter. I wish I could’ve have visited the actual store. The next time I go to the city, I know I definitely will. The zine I received is called Close to Home by Tobin Yelland. I had no idea who he was, but he’s apparently really well known. He’s a photographer and videographer who documents a lot of his stuff through zines. Why I love his zine so much is that it’s all photos of different cities throughout the country. Guessing from title, the people in the photo have almost reached their destinations. There really isn’t any explanation, which let’s the reader come to their own conclusions. My favorite photo is one of a man who is in one of the neighboring boroughs or possibly New Jersey looking towards the World Trade Center as the first tower is burning. I thought the photo was so prolific. This is what really inspired to do my zine in the specific format I chose.

The third zine I got was not what I expected at all. I mean AT ALL. It was some type of pornographic story. Maybe I’m not that imaginative in that area, but the story made absolutely no sense. It was only four pages, so I read it more than once. Still, I couldn’t understand where the story was going. I almost wish I could return it, but I guess I’ll keep it as a story for being a first time zine-r.

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