What is the Most Unusual Conversation You Ever Had?

I literally shared this story with one of my friends yesterday about the most unusual conversation I had with someone. Although the conversation was really enlightening, how the conversation evolved was extremely weird. Last spring semester, I took Astronomy 104 and had lab in the basement of the Physics building. I had the absolutely best lab TA ever. His name was Aaron Wolfe. He sort of had an attitude, but he was very funny so you couldn’t help but laugh. He also looked out for me, which meant a lot. One because I needed a good grade, but also because it meaningful when people I do not know care for me when they don’t necessarily need to.

One of my lab days, I was one of the last people left. As I was leaving, my TA stopped me at the door. There was one person left in the class or none at all, I don’t completely remember. There was no else in the basement though. If you’ve ever been in the basement of the Physics building, it’s beyond creepy. The hallways are dimly lit, there is rarely anyone ever there, you barely get phone service, and the doors just make the entire place look like a dungeon-prison-trap from the Dark Ages. The setting of the story is bad enough to make the story weird. Moving on however, my TA stopped me at the door.

I don’t clearly remember how the conversation started, but I know it was me saying bye to him or something along those lines. Randomly he started telling me how to obtain goals and about life. Within ten seconds of the conversation, he was telling me to get a physical map and pin it up to the wall. At different points along the map, he told me to place thumbtacks around the map to represent different goals that you have in life. One thumbtack should represent where you are in life now. Then draw lines from your starting destination to the different goals on the map. This would represent the road taken to get there and the steps you need to take get to your goal. Along the way of trying to reach these goals, take notes of what works and what doesn’t. When something doesn’t work, make a new line, or new road, that leads to your goal.

After saying all this, he left me to go on my way. I thought about what he said for the rest of the day and it always pops up at random times. Although I never actually got the map, I do map out goals in that way. I just write it out instead. Nonetheless, that was probably the weirdest conversation I ever had because of how random it was. I never expected that to be the reason why he stopped me at the door. I thought maybe I left something blank on my lab, which was a possibility because only God knows how much I didn’t know what was going on in that class. It made me feel like it was an omen (The Alchemist is my favorite book). I take things like this into account as God trying to reach me and tell me not to quit in life.

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