Who Are You?

I won’t lie and say that I don’t google myself pretty often. At least, pretty often for someone who doesn’t have that much going on with life.

Before, a google search of my name would be very basic. The only things that would really come up were my Facebook page, an old New York Times article that featured my family and myself by the Rockefeller Center Tree, and a few other people who surprisingly had my name. However now, some substantial things come up. For instance, my editorial work from my internship in the winter are some of the first things that come up. The very first thing that comes up is my articles for The Daily Orange.

I typed “Brooklyn” next to my name and some posts from Tumblr popped up. Surprising;y, the Tumblr posts were those that featured blog posts from my own personal blog. However, the blog itself never popped up. Although I don’t want to become a mega-blogger, I would like for it to have some attention. I need to keep up with the consistency of the blog in order for it to be one of the first things that pops up when someone googles me. I want my writings to be at the forefront because that could be my portfolio and/or resume.

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