The Best Thing About Today Is..

I am keeping proper pace and focusing on my assignments. I have a bad habit of procrastinating, but I am actually doing my work today. And not just busy work, but actual work. And it makes me feel good. Even when I am tired, like I am right now, I continue to push myself to make sure that I am completing the goals that I set out to finish for today. ¬†And I am actually in the library making sure that I am completing them so that I won’t go home and sleep. Another cool thing about today is that I have been around a lot of positive energy. Instead of staying secluded to myself or being around people that sometimes have way too much negative things to say, I’ve been able to have engaging conversations around a lot of good people. It definitely made a difference in my mood. It made me feel comfortable enough to be myself and made the day go a lot smoother. Although these things are relatively small, it really made my day. I never really think about all the little things that could possibly make for a good day. But when you do, things don’t seem to be so bad. From now on, I want to write positive things on little notes and save them in a jar. When I come across a bad day, I’ll pick one out and read it. I guess the best thing about today is that I am thinking of things that will keep me happy.

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