In My Most Humble Opinion…

My domain is created! You can now type in and you will see all of my post. Grinning emoji.

Originally, the title was the title of my Tumblr page. When I first started my Tumblr in the tenth grade, the purpose of it was to blog about the things that I felt were important and not discussed often enough. Soon after, it turned into something different, although it held the same concept. Instead of writing my personal opinions, I was mostly reblogging photos that I felt held a certain message. Still, I didn’t have a digital platform (except for random Facebook posts) where I was writing on certain ideas and concepts that were important to me, whether it be poems, stories, or op-eds.

The phrase “In My Most Humble Opinion” was actually a Latin phrase I found one time in one of my random google searches and somehow it stuck with me. The phrase, “You’re entitled to your own opinions”, is the most damaging phrase that exists. It lets people feel okay to blurt out, believe in, and influence others with ideas that lack knowledge and/or accuracy. Other times, it’s just pure hate. In order to give opinions, I think it’s really important to think about what you’re saying, who or what it targets, and if it adds something positive to the world, whether that be direct change or a simple conversation. For someone like me who is very opinionated, I really try to make sure that I follow these guidelines before speaking on things.

I hope that the posts I share give a sense of certain stances I have on social issues and that it stirs up your own ideas and opinions on subjects you may or may not ever thought of.

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