The Beginning

This will be our year, our moment.” Corey was shouting to the crowd, getting us riled up, giving us all this false hope.

We nodded, We pumped our first. We did every body motion that told the story of soldiers who believed in his words. But our eyes told the truth. We were tired, beaten, and knew our efforts would lead us dead or as test subjects.

But as The Forgottens, we don’t give up. We never have. We’ve always had to fight, even before The Takeover. You see, we were the forgotten even when the world was normal. Like the reference to a baby left in a dumpster. We were never taken care of, so we always had to fend for our survival. But since The Takeover a few years back, we were now fending for all of human kind. For those who never felt what it was to be left behind, they look to us for guidance. We are their heroes, their revolutionaries.

But after 10 years of fighting, we are growing weary. But to stop fighting is to die. At least for me, I’d rather be dead.

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