For the Love of…

There is nothing I love more than art. In all its forms . I like to display emotions and feelings and at the same time, try to evoke emotions and feelings from spectators. I like the different perspectives that come from looking at art. One thing can hold so many different meanings to an array of people. Unfortunately for me however, I can’t draw. Which means I can’t paint. I can’t sculpt or build. I can’t sew. I never paid attention in my 6th grade html class, so I don’t know coding. I can’t do Photoshop, or graphics, or final cut, or anything to be honest. I can’t do art, the thing that means everything in the world to me. What I can do is read and write. And not like academia reading and writing, although I have talent in that as well. My talent lies in reading up on the art that I love, from fashion and music magazines, to visiting art exhibits and learning about Matisse and Kadinsky, to memorizing the stanzas to “Phenomenal Women” by Ms. Angelou. My talent in writing comes from my ability to speak about passion. My passion for art, music, fashion, film, and urban culture, especially the influence of urban culture on the first four. So because I can’t design clothes, or sing a ballad, or direct a oscar-worthy movie, or sculpt the next Pietà, I write about them.


All I want for my future is to be a great and noteworthy journalist, writer, art/creative director, and marketing expertise in the fashion and art industry. I coined the term “Urban Culture Ambassador”. Obviously one of the bonuses of being noteworthy is that you can make millions of dollars. But that really is nothing close to what is on my mind. That isn’t success to me. Those who paid attention to the money aspect of the fashion industry, or any industry for that matter aren’t visionaries. They aren’t Karl Lagerfeld or Steve Jobs. They may have the same money as them, but they are working for someone else. When you follow your passions you define what success is for you. And when you do that, your respected and gain clout in whatever industry you’re in. And that way, money never influences what you do. It’s not a cut and dry situation and it isn’t easy, but I couldn’t imagine my career any other way. My market will be my audience and my audience will be my market. Whatever I do, is for the people. Because I wish there was a women when I was small who was as bold in her beliefs as I am so I wouldn’t have to. That’s the type of mentality you have to have. You have to be tough and resilient. And not afraid to do exactly what you want. I know I spoke earlier about not being able to draw and what have you; how I just write about the things I love instead because I never had someone push me as a child into the direction of art and let me know it was okay to want to be creative. I had traditional immigrant parents who thought a lawyer or a doctor would fit the family really nicely. But as I grow into who I am and who I want to be, I’ve tapped into trying to produce art. Meaning I am downloading Adobe illegally and playing with photoshop and final cut. I don’t know the technical names for the the applications on iMovie, but I can definitely make a amateur short. And that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It means that it can improve. Just like anything else.


At the end of the day you can answer the call to money or destiny. And yes they both can bring you wonderful things, but you can get money from listening to your destiny, but you’ll never get your destiny from money.

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